What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of therapeutic massage using finger pressure and originating in acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu is used to work with the body as a whole entity to promote a sense of wellbeing and potentially alleviate some aliments through use of finger, palm, or forearm pressure and rotations of joints and stretches.


What can Shiatsu do for me?

Shiatsu is very beneficial for muscular strains and pulls as well as reducing stress, helping manage pain and some underlying medical conditions. A series of Shiatsu treatments can be had to rectify any imbalances in sleeping patterns and to promote a general sense of calm. There are many researched studies online which have been seen to show Shiatsu having a beneficial influence among the participants.


What to expect from a treatment.

Shiatsu is a non intrusive massage, so is done fully clothed, the treatments I offer are usually an hour or 90 minutes depending on booking, and at the start of all treatments there is a consultation to establish a current state of health and any possible medical history and conditions. This is usually a fully body treatment using palm and finger pressure and there is some use of rotations and manipulation of joints to encourage movement in the necessary places. It is preferable to wear loose and comfortable clothing and to drink plenty of water afterwards.


How will I feel afterwards?

After a treatment most people feel quite calm and relaxed. Sometimes there maybe feelings of drowsiness and maybe tearfulness or some underlying anxiety which can be part of a problem surfacing to be dealt with as part of the healing process.



  • A massage therapy should never be used as a substitution for medical treatment and a General Practitioner should be consulted first if there is any doubt about your suitability for Shiatsu.
  • A letter may be asked for by the Practitioner from your General Practitioner if there are any major health concerns, such as ulcerations, injuries blood clots and bone degenerative diseases, which will agree for the treatment to be carried out.
  • Please provide the practitioner with a complete and accurate health history.