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It was an amazing treatment!


Welcomed in good hands

Welcomed in good hands, I have been grateful after treatments that I received from Cathy. I am myself a Shiatsu Practitioner and I felt a big difference in my energy after the treatments she gave me. Feeling more relaxed, grounded and connected to myself. Thank you so much!!
Zahia Shiatsu Qigong

Incredible treatment

Just had the most incredible Shiatsu massage by Cathy. Feel so mentally relaxed, yet my body feels re-energised


Great beginnings, New energy, Better Feelings

For a first time massage of any kind, this was an excellent introduction. Very caring, professional touch, and communicative, fully explaining any queries that I had during and after the treatment.
For myself being someone who is sceptical I could feel a change in energy, rather than just the feeling of being relaxed.
The aftercare recommendations have also shown a helpful affect.



Superb treatment

Cathy saw me after I had a motorcycle crash and really helped ease up my back, providing much overdue relief and also helped relieve the pressure in my ankle after surgery so that it felt closer to normal than it has in ages.


Relaxing Massage

Enjoyed a relaxing massage taking away all the strains of modern life, no needles, no joint crunching!