Covid-19 Statement

A few requests for when you visit

  • DO NOT come to your booking if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms and please notify me, we’ll be more than happy to book you in after you recover
  • Please wear a face mask or covering, if you do not have one we can provide one for you
  • Please leave all outside belongings in the locations provided usually a white bucket
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided

Changes we’ve made and what to expect from us:

  • Added Hand sanitiser locations
  • Face mask and visor will be worn by the practitioner (visor wiped down before and after client)
  • Waterproof futon cover will be used and wiped before and after every client
  • The Body cushion used has a non permeable surface and will be wiped before and after a treatment
  • Any cloths used during a treatment will be used for the treatment only
  • Extra courses have been undertaken to gain further knowledge for Covid-19
  • Further courses have been undertaken for the control of infectious diseases
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